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R&S Fence Installs Year Round

Most homeowners believe that getting a new fence is a project best saved for spring. Surprisingly, the cold weather does not affect fence installation. Rarely does the ground freeze to the point where you can’t dig into it. Perhaps you’ve purchased a new home in December and wish you had a fence for the kids to safely play outside, or maybe your family got a new puppy for Christmas. With year round fence installation from R&S Fence, you don’t have to wait until spring for a new fence!

It may be cold outside for your fingers and toes, but cold weather does not affect the installation of a fence. Actually, a wet spring can be a hindrance to installing a fence. Rain can affect how cement sets which can alter the durability of your fence. With the exception of constant rain (which fills your post holes with water) and a deep snow (which prevents you from running a string line), a fence can be safely and securely installed during the cold winter months.

There are two other things to consider with a winter install. First, your savings may be significant because our winter installation rates are lower. Also your wait time will be shorter during the winter months. Having your fence installed before spring will ensure that you can fully enjoy the benefits of your new fence all summer long.

Schedule your FREE consultation and estimate by calling 717-502-0942. We can help you design a fence that meets your needs any time of the year. Even if you’re not ready for a fence this winter, contacting us now can get you scheduled earlier in the spring. Call us for FREE estimates & winter installation rates!

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