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Everything You NEED to Know Before Installing a Fence

Prior to getting a fence installed, it is important to be aware of a few essential matters.

  1. Firstly, notifying your neighbors ahead of time of any upcoming construction noise and equipment is a necessity.

  2. Additionally, double-checking property lines beforehand to ensure that everything is properly marked is essential.

  3. Before beginning any installation, obtaining HOA, city and county approvals and permissions is required. Your contractor will not always do this for you.

  4. Furthermore, R&S Fence will contact PA ONE CALL to make sure any public utility lines, such as water, electricity, and gas are identified and marked.

  5. On the other hand, marking any private lines located on the property, including sprinklers/irrigation; TV/internet; French drains; Walkway lighting, is the responsibility of the owner.

  6. It is important to be aware that the project estimate and final cost may vary.

  7. Additionally, dirt removal is not included in the services provided. Be sure to advise your foreman where you would like excess dirt to be placed.

  8. Lastly, even though your fence will be level, the ground underneath may not be; gaps should be addressed accordingly to ensure the safety of any pets.


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