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Feel Confident From Start to Finish


Before you purchase a fence, we recommend that you understand as much as possible about the process. Most homeowners are not too familiar with fencing - after all, you don't need to buy a fence very often. Our objective is to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your fence. If you sign a contract with us for the installation, we'll do our utmost to ensure that your expectations are met.


Initial Inquiry


Contact us by completing our online form here, call or email us, or stop by our showroom. We will collect your contact information and discuss the details of your fence project, including the layout, type and style of fence, and any specific circumstances you are in that we can accommodate. If we are able to, based on the information you provide, we can give you a "ballpark" estimate.


Sales Estimate


When you are ready, we'll schedule an appointment for our sales representatives to meet with you at the property where the fence will be installed. They will review and measure your fence location, talk with you about the purpose of the fence, and help you select the type and style of fence that would best suit your needs.


Written Proposal


You will receive a written proposal within 1-3 days following the sales estimate.


Sales Contract


When you are ready to proceed, you can sign the contract and submit it to us via email or post with the appropriate deposit outlined in the contract.


Installation Lead Time


Upon receipt of the signed contract and deposit, we will order the materials for your fence, or for vinyl fences, begin fabrication. Our lead times usually range from 1-2 weeks during the winter and 4-5 weeks during the summer.


You will need to get the required permits based on the requirements of your township. We do not require a copy of your permit. We strongly encourage you to notify your neighbors that you will be having a fence installed (or replaced). 




We will contact you a few days before your install. We ask that you are available for approximately 15-30 minutes on the first day of the install for one final review of the layout of your fence and final gate placement. A typical residential install takes approximately 1-3 days.




Once the installation is complete, the installation foreman will review the job with you to ensure that the installation meets your satisfaction. The remaining balance of your invoice is due within 10 days of installation. You can write a check and drop it off or send it in the mail. You may also pay by CC over the phone. We add a 3% convenience fee for CC transactions.




We value your feedback! You can leave feedback about your experience with us here.

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