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Aluminum that brings beauty and durability!


Our aluminum fence systems are better designed, finished and safety equipped than popular

brands used by most fence companies. The manufacturer's attention to every detail, down

to the stainless steel screws used for assembly, results in the finest quality aluminum

fence products available today.


What sets us apart from the competition?


Design Features

  • Rails contact pickets on 3 internal ribs for unprecedented strength

  • Beveled rails add a decorative look while shedding water

  • No seams or run lines - rails stay clean and attractive

  • Seamless picket points never separate over time

  • A superior metal thickness and true dimensions are industry-leading

  • Lifetime warranty means functionality forever


Finish Features

  • Powder coating after punching and notching seals all surfaces

  • Stainless steel screws have unobtrusive heads for a smooth look


Safety Features

  • Rounded picket points are safe for children and pets

  • Self-latching and locking gate hardware options give peace of mind

For more information about our vendors and their products, please visit

the OnGuard or Alumi-Guard websites: 




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Matte Black

Florida Bronze

Matte Bronze

Light Bronze



Color Options

Commercial Grade Aluminum Fence

Commercial Grade Aluminum Fence

Our Commercial fencing offers the classic look of wrought iron to enhance the appearance and value of any property. We have a variety of styles to suit your personal preferences, and even more gate and accessory options to make it your own unique fence.​


We can replace old pool fences, or work with you and your contractor to install a new fence with your new pool! Whatever your circumstance there are a few important pool codes that define how we go about choosing our materials and installing pool fences.


Important Pool Codes:

  • The top of the fence must be at least 48 inches high.

  • Picket spacing can not be greater than 1.75 inches.

  • Gate Latches must be at least 54 inches high.

  • Gates must swing out from the pool.

  • Gates must be self-closing.

Pool Fences

Aluminum Metal Iron Pool Fence Style Sketch
Pool Fences

Puppy Picket Fences

Puppy Picket Fences

We know your dog needs a safe environment while still being free to roam and enjoy it's surroundings. Puppy pickets are the perfect answer! These pickets can be added to the base of any style fence.


Aluminum Metal Iron Fence Style Puppy Picket Dog Protection Fence with Exposed bottom pickets
Aluminum Metal Iron Fence Style Puppy Picket Dog Protection

Railings enhance any porch, deck, or stairway!


Aluminum Makes it Last!

All railing sections over 36" length include aluminum inserts in both top and bottom rails


Boxed Railing

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to order, handle and install

  • Aluminum channels in top and bottom rails

  • No visible hardware or screws


Railing Catalog

Color Options






Owens - Aluminum Gate2.JPG
Owens - Aluminum3.JPG
Aluminum Metal Iron Flat Straight Top Gate with exposed top pickets around a pool
Aluminum Metal Iron Fence Arched Gate with exposed top pickets
Aluminum Metal Iron Fence Arched Gate with exposed top pickets
Aluminum Metal Iron Fence Arched Gate with exposed top pickets


Aluminum Metal Iron Fence Accessories Ballcap Butterfly Circles and Fleur Finial
Aluminum Metal Iron Accessories Tri-Finial Postcap Quad-Finial and Scroll
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