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Bing Maps
Draw Tool
Budget Calculator
Gives you the ability to locate your property via satellite images so you can design the most probable fence layout.
Allows you to easily design your fence around your property as well as place your desired gates.
Combined with a mapping software, our budget calculator provides a budget estimate based on the fence design.


Prior to an appointment with one of our salesmen, we greatly encourage you to:

1) Have your yard surveyed/know your property lines

2) Find out about any possible easements your township requires you to adhere to

3) Know any HOA requirements for your property

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Upload Layout - This is an optional feature!

  • Use the graph paper provided below, or sketch out your own layout of the project.

  • Take a picture of your layout or scan to your computer.


Samples: Both layouts are helpful! You can do whatever is easiest for you.

Example Layout of Footage for Fence in Backyard with Graph Paper
Basic Fence Layout Example for Yard with Graph Paper
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