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What Makes Quality Vinyl 'Quality'?

It does not take long to notice the wide variety of vinyl fencing options available. You have choices for style, color, texture, construction method, and price. But what about quality? Many online sellers and local installers will boast that their product is better quality than the guy next door. But how can the one-time buyer known what truly is the BEST?

Let’s uncover the truth about Vinyl quality!

First off, you should receive a lifetime warranty on the vinyl material. Vinyl is meant to be a lifetime, low maintenance product. If a retailer is not able to give you a warranty you should be cautious about moving forward. The fencing industry has made such great advancements over the last 10-15 years, finding materials that will endure for the long haul should not be difficult.

Lifetime Warranty – Check!

The good news is that nearly all U.S. suppliers meet codes for the vinyl industry, but the compounds used and the quality control process that each company puts their materials through can vary greatly from one to the next. If your vinyl fence is manufactured in India or China you cannot count on the same quality or dependability as U.S. made products. There is a very small percentage of phony vinyl manufacturers out there, but by following the other pointers in this post; you should be able to avoid those companies.

Reputable Manufacturer – Check!

You will come across two methods of constructing vinyl fences. The routing method carves notches into the posts and rails; then using tabs, the fence pieces lock together, interlocking the entire fence line. The bracket method uses metal brackets and screws to connect all the fence elements. A routed fence offers more stability than a bracketed fence. When brackets are used to hold the fence together it is more likely to be blown over or come apart when screws come loose. A routed system secures itself from one end to the opposite – guaranteeing a strong hold that can withstand even the strongest of winds.

Routed Fence – Check!

You may be wondering if wall thickness affects the overall durability of a vinyl fence. Those who boast having thicker vinyl, are actually not saying anything significant. Thicker does not mean better. It depends on the chemical compound used to create the materials not the thickness. Read our article on Vinyl Thickness to get a greater understanding.

Thick Vinyl Wall – Depends.

The best way to research the quality of the fence you are considering is to look for references and recommendations from previous customers that have installed the same material. Find out if you can view other installed fences. Hopefully, you can view a fence that is several years old. The key ingredient for a quality vinyl fence is its ability to withstand years of wear and weathering. A good fence should maintain its vibrant color, should be upright, and free from cracks. (Cracks caused by falling trees and bulldozers pointed in the wrong direction don’t count!)

Highly Recommended – Check!

If you are able to check all these items, then you are moving in a good direction!

R&S FENCE Takes it One Step Further!

Come tour our fabriaction facility! When you tour our shop you will see first hand how your fence is being made from start to finish. Call our office to set up an appointment: 717-502-0942.

We understand the importance of quality. We do not cut corners or dodge tough observation just to get a sale. We provide the best fence at a great price, and we offer a lifetime warranty to prove it! See what our customers have to say and then give us a call to discuss your fence project.

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