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What To Expect Before We Start Digging

When you get your project start date, give your neighbors a heads up that there will be some noise and equipment!

It's easier to clarify property lines before we start digging.

Check to see if you need any approvals or permissions before we start both from HOA, CITY and COUNTY!

R&S Fence will contact PA ONE CALL to mark any public utility lines like water, electricity and gas.

It's up to you to mark any private lines on your property including : sprinklers/irrigation; TV/internet; French drains; Walkway lighting and anything else.

There may be some variation between estimate & final cost.

Dirt removal is not included.

Your fence will be leveled but your ground is not which may create gaps between the ground and the bottom rails. This may require to change your yard to keep pets in.

Please address any questions you might have about the project to your sales rep. Thank you for trusting R&S Fence. We are very excited to start your project!

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