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Does Thickness Really Matter in Vinyl Fencing?

A thicker vinyl wall does NOT make the fence better.

Much like the thickness of the body of a car does not make it a better quality car, the thickness of vinyl does not guarantee better performance. When choosing a vinyl fence, it is important to find a fence that will hold up for the long haul. You do not want it to lean or blow over, but you also do not want it to fade or crack.

Rather than thickness, it is the chemical combination put into the vinyl that makes it sturdy. It is a complicated chemical combination to explain, but even if we could, it is still a trade secret for the developers. ;-)

The good news is that nearly all suppliers meet codes for the vinyl industry, but the compounds used and the quality control process that each company puts their materials through can vary greatly from one to the next.

In short, today’s advanced vinyl fences contain two layers. If you look at the side of a post or rail you will see a very thin outer layer. This layer contains chemicals that keep it looking good. This compound should eliminate fading or scratching. The inner layer is thicker and made of impact resistors.

Because you cannot know the exact ingredients in the product, and even if you did, it may be hard to understand what it means, we recommend you do research on the company and the supplier. Choose companies with good reputations and suppliers that are known to have good products.

R&S fence has been in business since 2006, and the owners were installing fences long before that. We have observed the advancements made in the vinyl industry and are proud of the vinyl material we use to make our fences. Our vinyl is made by ProPlastix, and they provide a blanket lifetime warranty for their product because they know it is designed to last.

You can feel confident in your decision to purchase from R&S Fence! But don’t take our word for it; see what our customers have to say.

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