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Bethany Village Upgrades Fence For Elderly Community

R&S Fence had the great privilege this summer of working with a local elderly community, Bethany Village. We were asked to replace an old chain link fence rusted and dilapidated from time and general wear. The old fence created security issues and an eye sore for residents!

Bethany Village chose to replace the old fence with a black vinyl coated chain link fence. The vinyl coating ensures greater resistance to weathering and rusting, and the black color gave it a nice new look. But our favorite part of the fence was the addition of privacy slats. These slats are made mostly from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), color pigments and ultra violet inhibitors. They are made to resist severe weather conditions and common environmental pollutants that could break down the material.

We also love these slats because they come with a 25 year limited warranty and have very little maintenance. We color matched the black coated chain link to create a consistent and attractive look.

Now, residents have a pristine looking fence that provides security for their community!

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