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Why Choose Vinyl?

Perks of Choosing Vinyl

Choosing the right fence type can be a difficult decision. You should factor in the costs and benefits of each style as well as your needs. At the end, you need a fence that will add value to your property. While in the past wood and aluminum fences dominated the market, it is vinyl that has however, started to take over. Let’s look at some of the reasons as well as benefits of ‘going vinyl’.

1. Nearly Five Times as Strong as Wood

Vinyl’s flexibility makes it a good choice in places that witness harsh weather conditions such as strong winds and rain. They are also suitable for fencing in animals like horses as they can’t chew through it.

2. Easy Maintenance

There is no need to repaint vinyl as it does not lose its color. You do not have to apply any primer as a protection from rust. There is also no danger of rotting or termite attacks with vinyl fencing. To keep your fence clean and sparkling, occasional cleaning with soap and water will do just fine.

3. Eco-friendliness

There is no leaching and no vapors from vinyl fencing into the environment. Used vinyl materials are either recycled or are incinerated.

4. Easy Installation

You do not have to pay a professional to do the installation unless you want to pass on the manual labor. Vinyl fences are easy to install and most people can put them up by themselves.

If you are looking for a hassle-free fence option - Vinyl is definitely the right choice for you!

One extra perk I can't forget - we manufacture our vinyl locally in Dillsburg, PA!

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