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How close can you put a fence to the property line?

Although you may have decided the kind of layout you want for your fence, it may take greater consideration before you know exactly where to put your posts. The answer to this questions is not straightforward; rather it is based on what surrounds your property and any local regulations.

Before you can answer this question for your situation, it is vitally important that you determine where your property line is. Once you have mapped out your property line, then you can move forward with determining where to place your fence.

Consider these scenarios:

No neighbors and no roads

If your property sits in a location where you do not need to worry about close neighbors or local roads, then consider where you would like your fence within the line of your property. You may still want to verify your township laws before installation. Knowing local codes may save you an extra expense if you have to pay a fine or relocate the fence.


Property line locations are often a source of friction between neighbors. In order to prevent unwelcome disputes or feeling awkward in your own backyard, know your property line and handle property disputes kindly and efficiently. The location of your fence is not just a matter of personal preference and neighborly kindness, but also a matter of cost. In order to avoid an expensive mistake carefully consider placement near a property line. Having a fence installed over a property line could cost you greatly, and installing it too far from the property line could cost you extra expense too.

For example, a homeowner installs a fence 2 feet from his property line in order to avoid infringing on the home next door. A few years later his neighbor installs a fence right on the property line resulting in a 2 foot gap (on his property) between fences. Since this made maintaining that strip of grass nearly impossible, he had to move his fence line up 2 feet to the back of the neighbors’ fence. Although this was his best option, it created an odd looking situation. It would have been best if the neighbors discuss fence plans prior to installation.


If you intend to install your fence near a road you will need to check with your local township laws. There will likely be regulations restricting the installation of a fence within a certain distance of the road.

Named communities

If you live in a named community check the requirements for fence installations. Often times these communities have very specific rules regarding fence locations.

When a sales representative from R&S is discussing your estimate we will make sure you have carefully considered where your fence will go in light of these above considerations. Give us a call or fill our out quick estimate form today for a free quote!

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